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to provide with a slot or slots; make a slot in. to place or fit into a slot: We've' slotted his appointment for four o'clock. verb used without object, slot ted, slot ting. to fit or be placed in a slot. QUIZ YOURSELF ON OPPOSITES OF RED BEFORE YOU TURN SCARLET.
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slot third-person singular simple present slots, present participle slotting, simple past and past participle slotted. To put something such as a coin into a slot narrow aperture. To assign something or someone into a slot gap in a schedule or sequence.
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These are in-depth instruction manuals to give you a better understanding of how to play the slot game you have selected, as well as a description of the bonus games, features and symbols to look out for. Each set of instructions have been written by our casino and slots writers to give you the most valuable information. What Are Online Slot Machines and How Do They Work? Online slot machines or online slots are types of real money gambling games with plenty of different themes and features. Firstly you set your stake and then spin the reels to match up symbols on winning paylines to win cash prizes. The reels will stop at random and if they match on a payline you could get rewarded with bonuses features, free spins, multipliers or other forms of prizes. At Slot Boss we are all about slots, which is why we have some of the best slots online in the UK. Our slots include amazing graphics and new bonus features.
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British English: slot slɒt NOUN. A slot is a narrow opening in a machine or container, for example a hole that you put coins in to make a machine work. He dropped a coin into the slot and dialled the number.
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Within a few years we expect to compete with the big Wall Street firms for the top slot in the industry. the number 1/2/3, etc. slot They fought their way to the number 1 slot in the nation. a top 10/50/100 slot.
Seen Around Town: Razor Blade Bank Slot IS Architecture.
Todays disposable razors and disposable blade cartridges dont require a blade bank or blade slot anymore, but boutique shaving companies and shaving traditionalists are beginning to make replaceable razor blades popular once again. Maybe the in-wall blade bank slot will make a comeback!
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app.vuetemplate titled-frame template v-slot header: - The code below goes into the header slot - My Images Title template - The code below goes into the default slot - img src an-image.jpg" titled-frame/template. Just like before, if we want to add content to the default slot, just put it directly inside the titled-frame component.

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